20120813-152146.jpgIf you get excited by the oomph and style of belly dancing and want to learn the tricks of the trade, this Belly Dance DVD is for you. It is step by step Belly Dance Guide by Amaraya. Her teaching method and simple techniques make it easy for everyone, who has the passion to learn this dance.

This technique is based on the following points :Step by Step simplified detailed learning of each moveGives you a unique warm-up which is the key for intricate body movementsThe dance is taught one by one on multiple Arabic rhythms. You can buy this DVD here!

How bellydance affect to women life?

You may think that bellydance is a simple dance form, like other dances, but not. It has many reason why, but the most important is that by donig and learning bellydance, you use your inner muscles conciously. This small thing affects to your hormon system, your emotions, and to your female body parts.

Once I was asking my students, what differences do they feel in their life after a couple of months or even a year of bellydancing with my technique. They said that they feel more happy, energetic and sexy too. Their body shape changed deffenetly, and also their movements – as someones back pain had gone…

My story is not typical: I was grown up in the countryside in Hungary, Europe. At that time, most of the children was spending their time on the street, hanging out with friends. As a girl, I was thinking to learn karate to save myself from hard boys. I really loved karate, but it is a male sport anyway. Sadly, after 8 years of fighting, I felt myself as a man, not a woman. I had hard muscles, and the female part of my body was in a trouble as well. That was the time to change my lifestyle…

Once I went down to the gym, I saw many really beautiful and colorful girls go inside a room to practice. I was following them, and later I joined to that group. They were bellydancer. Less then a year of bellydancing, I changed my body shape, my outlook and all of my male trait into female. It was more than 10 years ago, and my passion to belly dance is still flowing.